Theatre : The little virtues

Disabled access : Yes


51 rue Kléber
Espaces culturels Thann-Cernay - Relais culturel
68800 Thann

250 m

03 89 75 47 50

On stage three generations: the grandfather, the mother... and the child. In this new creation for young children, Eleonora Ribis wants to tell the story of the parent-child bond. A relationship that is built up every day through every gesture. Gestures and hands will draw in space this dialogue between generations. A dialogue made of silence and words. Words, bits of sentences, an evocation of Natalia Ginzburg's text, Les Petites Vertus, which gently caresses our ears and tells us about the big and small.

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Départ / RDV : Espaces culturels Thann-Cernay - Relais culturel
Opening hours 9 or 10.15 am
Other services provided Toilets
Organised by Espaces culturels Thann-Cernay


La manifestation est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite


Rates (€) 12€ / 9€ / 6€ / 1,5€