Theatre: Miran, variations around an absence

Disabled access : Yes

From 29/03/2021 to 30/03/2021

32 rue Georges Risler
Espaces Culturels Thann-Cernay - Espace Grün
68700 Cernay

250 m

03 89 75 47 50

The college is in turmoil. In a few minutes, the Prefect will be there to inaugurate a plaque commemorating the Resistance. Miran, a ninth-grader, is supposed to read an extract from the Declaration of Human Rights during the ceremony, but he has disappeared. Miran is undocumented. Lola, a schoolgirl, Laura, a French teacher, and Anne, the school principal, disagree completely on the attitude to adopt. They each propose a different solution to face this new situation and defend their values. What should be done? The actresses will put this choice in the hands of the audience. With the help of voting boxes, on two occasions, the audience will decide for themselves which direction to take and therefore the continuation of the show... In the continuation of the fable, the stage-stage exchange is part of the performance.

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Départ / RDV : Espaces culturels Thann-Cernay - Espace Grün
Opening hours 8pm
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La manifestation est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite


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