Concert: ViZ trio

Disabled access : Yes



Rue de l'Artois
Salle Sainte Odile
68800 Vieux-Thann

350 m

06 06 99 94 49
ViZ is composed of 3 singers, extraterrestrial musicians who, from their space station located above planet earth, observe the interactions between human beings and the other inhabitants of the blue planet. From these observations, our three troublemakers have written reports of a rare poetic precision that they have set to music and song to pass on to their earthly friends. We laugh, we cry, we sing, we are indignant... and we never leave a ViZ concert unscathed.

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Départ / RDV : Salle Sainte Odile
Opening hours 8pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday
Organised by Compagnie le Vent en Poupe


La manifestation est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite


Rates (€) 15€