Set off on a donkey and enjoy the freedom

Travel lightly along the trails, rediscover a taste for simplicity, enjoy the tranquility of our beautiful region, you can do all of this with a donkey as your trekking companion! Walking with a donkey is an absolute joy. It will lighten your load. Guaranteed to cover 15 to 20 km a day at a moderate speed, this docile animal can carry 2 to 3 people's luggage, an equivalent of 40 kg! And he will inspire even the youngest walkers to keep moving. Depending on the chosen route, you will discover high altitude peat bogs, lakes, streams and waterfalls, wild and peaceful corners, stubble fields with grazing cows, and not forgetting authentic and cosy farm B&Bs.

Practical information

Rides possible all year round by appointment, rides for one day or more
Chauvl’Ane - 68470 – STORCKENSOHN
+333 89 82 14 57 oder +333 89 38 23 18 oder +336 30 91 40 33
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Prices on request