Rangen vineyard in Thann

The most sloping and Southernmost vineyard of Alsace!!!

A wine estate since the Middle Ages, this is the southernmost of the Alsace vineyards; Michel de Montaigne said of it "the slopes full of the most beautiful and best cultivated vines, over such an expanse that the braggards who were there said they had never seen so many at once".
A wine-growers route that overlooks Thann has been named the "chemin Montaigne" (Montaigne path), it passes by the chapel of Saint-Urbain, the patron saint of wine-producers (chapel closed to the public).
Rangen is classified as a great vintage (grand cru) over its whole surface area (19 ha), fully South-facing, with steep 45° slopes, it owes its reputation to the quality of its volcanic soil.
Thanks to the expertise of the wine produceres and the quality of the grape varieties, Rangen produces quality wines, winners the most prestigious awards.

Practical information

Accessible all year round
Rue du Vignoble (along the Thur cycling track) – 68800 THANN
Tourist office Thann-Cernay : +333 89 37 96 20


Free entry