Serret Museum in Saint-Amarin

A former court of law that became a mobile military hospital, the building is today a local history museum.

Built over three levels, you will be surprised at the diversity and richness of its collections. As you walk through its rooms, you will alternate between the tragedy of the battles and the pleasure of admiring the day-to-day objects of our ancestors.
The museum bears the name of General Serret who led the terrible battles at Hartmannswillerkopf during the World War.

Practical information

Open from 1 March to 31 Dezember (except Tuesdays) from 14:00 to 18:00.
Groups may visit all year round by reservation

7 Rue Clémenceau - 68550 SAINT-AMARIN
+333 89 38 24 66 (from 1 January to 28 February : +333 89 82 13 90).
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Adult: €3.50

Children & Students: €0.50 (free less than 6 years old)

Guided visit: €2.5/pers. + €10 for the guide