The Advent Windows at Uffholtz

Every evening a new location transforms into an unexpected theatrical scene. Follow the shepherd.

Every year from 1 to 24 December in Uffholtz, there are 24 evenings of gifts, surprises, dreams and offers to the many visitors who attend these Advent shows, 24 evenings of free shows and Christmas cheer. Cultural and popular activities to share with artists, creators and locals in the streets of Uffholtz. But please bear in mind that although the atmosphere is warm, the weather is often very cold and windy! Winter and Christmas are on their way.
Foyer Saint Erasme, the association that organises the festival, is proud to help promote culture and artistic creativity, supporting young professional companies. The festival is sometimes an occasion for unlikely encounters.

Practical information

From 1 to 24 December, meeting time 18:45

Times for an Advent window evening:
Meet at the manger at 18:45 where you will find the shepherd who will lead you to the window for that day. On the last toll of the church bell at 19:00, the shepherd and the public leave the manger. Once you have arrived at the window for the day, the show is for about 30 minutes.
After the day's show, you can try a mulled wine (or hot apple juice) on site served 'à la caranoël' (from a painted Christmas caravan).

Foyer Saint Erasme (in the village centre) – 68700 Uffholtz
+333 89 75 69 46
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