The fires of St. John in the Thur valley

Every Saturday closest to summer solstice night, the fires of St. John light up the Thur Valley.

From March, once the wood has been chopped and prepared, the bonfires, called "fàckel" in Alsace dialect, start to gradually grow taller. Building a "fàckel" is a work of patience and hard labour.
After many days of hard work, to the noise of chainsaws, saws, hammers and axes, always in a happy and joyful ambience, the builders admire the product of their traditional labours. All the logs, crowned with fir tree branches and draped with the traditional tricolore flag, are finally ready for the summer solstice party.
Then come the festivities… When the sun starts to set, the labourers set light to the small "fàckel" to signal that the party has started. Then, at nightfall, they light the big bonfire. This show is accompanied by lots of colourful fireworks, along with much music and dancing.

Practical information

Saturday 24 June 2017 in the evening

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