Pork products in Farm Inns

Pork products, a food lover's way to greet the winter!

Autumn is the season for pork products. The farm inns (fermes auberges) of the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace welcome their customers to feast on these in November. This is the season when the piglets raised since the springtime reach maturity to provide delicious fresh and cooked meats. Prepared directly by the farmers in the farm inns, the finished product is guaranteed to be of a high quality.
So you can taste these victuals while enjoying a warm and cosy atmosphere and the views of our magnificent autumnal mountains landscapes.

Practical information

Throughout October or November (the farm inn opening days and times vary from one establishment to another)
List of farm inns (fermes auberges) is available in tourist offices

Exemple of a pork product (cochonnailles) menu:
Soup - Brawn in gelatine - Black sausage and apple compote - Garnished sauerkraut - Cheese - Dessert
It is very important that you reserve your table because these copious meals are extremely popular.