Transhumance (seasonal movement of livestock)

In keeping with mountain tradition, accompany the herds and celebrate their seasonal movement through the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace.

Twice a year every year, the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace are the scene of an eagerly-awaited celebration, locally called transhumance. The farmers lead the cows to the stubble fields high in the Vosges mountains where they can benefit from exceptional pastureland.
A beautiful occasion to discover the Vosges breed of cattle, given pride of place on this occasion. According to custom, the famous cowbells, polished up for this big day, are attached to the animals' necks. A unique occasion to participate in a very lively folkloric spectacle and to spend a lovely day out with family in the traditional Alsace mountains!

Practical information

Springtime ascent : 

Transhumance of Belacker
14th May 2017
Departure from Malmerspach
Information : +339 88 18 77 74

Transhumance of Gsang
21st May 2016
Departure from Camping in Moosch
Information : +33 3 89 38 96 85

Transhumance of Le Grand-Ballon
20th May 2017 Departure from Altenbach (Goldbach - under the housing estate).
Information : +333 89 76 95 79.

Transhumance of Giromagny to Ballon d'Alsace
21 May 2017
Departure at 8am in Giromagny and arrival 13pm Wissgrut
Information : +333 84 29 32 33 or +333 09 87 88 72 80

Transhumance of Lochberg in Kirchberg
27st May 2017
Strart 10am in the village and arrival to the Lochberg.
Infos : +333 89 82 07 88

Transhumance of Treh
Date to be confirmed.
Friday leave from Rosskopf farm square (ferme du Rosskopf, Hohrod) in the direction of Mittlach.
Possible to take tents and sleeping bags to sleep on site.
Saturday, leave from Mittlach to climb up to the stubble fields.
Information : +333 89 39 16 79.

Descent from the mountain pasture : 
In October (dates to be confirmed)