Tasting Week

Where taste takes centre stage!

The aims of the traditional Semaine du Goût (tasting week) are to educate consumers, especially children, about taste, but also to allow them to discover the diversity of flavours by showing where the products come from, how they are made and their particular properties in an open and educational way. It is also an occasion for getting to know the professions related to food, the skills of the professionals, for introducing the tastebuds to the pleasure of taste and for encourage eating habits suited to a balanced and sustainable way of living. Every year, La Semaine du Goût comes to the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace to share all of this with you! Many activities are organised so that you can re(discover) the flavours on your plates: tastings, taste market, conferences and walks... Not forgetting the menus prepared by your favourite restaurants especially for this occasion!