The Passion Play

A theatrical tradition unique to Alsace that has existed for more than 80 years in Masevaux!

The Masevaux Passion Play is a popular show in Alsace, of great intense devotion and beauty.
For 80 years now, the inhabitants have immersed themselves in the poignant enactment of this mystery written in the German language. The drama of the crucifixion of Christ, played annually on Sundays during Lent by almost two hundred amateur and voluntary actors from Masevaux and its neighbouring villages, has not changed over time.
This Passion creates such fervour that the spectators come from everyhere, from all of Alsace, of course, as well as its neighbouring départements, Germany, Switzerland and also from countries in Eastern Europe.
The emotion created during the twelve acts is intense, to such an extent that the French-speaking spectators understand all that is going on despite the play being wholly in German. Alsace, crossroads of the culture of two countries thus demonstrates its unique vocation.
The actors, who have inherited the talent for authentically acting out a Christian mystery from their ancestors, are local people who know how to simply and eloquently perform what is undoubtedly one of the cultural jewels of our region.