Wine Grape Harvests

Not-to-be-missed opportunity for discovering the wine-producing expertise of the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace

From September to October (some years earlier in August), you can participate in the wine grape harvests in the Hautes Vosges d’Alsace.
The vineyards are in the towns of Thann, Vieux-Thann, Steinbach, Uffholtz and Wattwiller, where around twenty wine-producers practice their art.
The most spectacular vineyards are in Thann; the grape pickers are harnessed to collect the grapes on a 45° slope.
Most of these exceptional quality wines have lower yields than elsewhere.

Practical information

Wine-Producers' Federation of Thann and its surrounding areas : 
5 rue des Tanneurs – 68800 Thann 
+333 89 37 11 78

Wine-Producers' Federation of Cernay and its surrounding areas : 
5, rue du Ballon – 68700 Uffholtz
+333 89 39 86 01