The Alfeld lake

One of the oldest dams in the Alsace mountains.

Perched behind an impressive moraine, Lac d'Alfeld is the result of glacial erosion, proudly overlooking the Doller valley. The rest of it is manmade.
The Germans, first in 1883, erected a 30-metre dam to raise the water level. It was inaugurated in 1888 and hailed as a technical feat.
This reservoir, more than 20 m deep, feeds the rivers if there is a water shortage in the valley.
This lake is a rendez-vous for fishermen and people who want to refresh their soul.
It is circled by a path from the dam, and you can then climb up to Wasserfall chalet overlooking the waterfall.

Practical information

The lake is accessible all year round, there is a carpark with more than 100 spaces below.
You can restore the Auberge du Lac d'Alfeld. 
Take the road leading to Ballon d’Alsace, 4km from the village and a 1½ hour walk from the church.
Fishing is possible (fishing permits sold at AAPPMA (French Fisheries Association) and Masevaux Tourist Office).
If the road is covered by snow in the winter, special equipment is obligatory (snow tires or chains)
In the Doller valley lakes, bathing is at each individual's own risk (non-supervised bathing).

Information: +333 89 82 41 99


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