The Lachtelweiher lake

Lachtelweiher lake is the Southernmost of the Vosges lakes.

According to geologists, the rocks found in the lake's natural "dam" and on the Stosswald slope, to the North of the lake, are the product of a landslide. The piling up of rocks would have blocked the flowing water, creating the lake.
According to legend, strange stones found at the edge of the lake had the power to transmute into gold… the famous philosopher's stone of the alchemists therefore lay in Lachtelweiher, the lake of mysterious origins. The place was also believed to be the realm of frogs who lured hikers to the bottom of the water by hypnosis.

Practical information

The lake is accessible all year round depending on the weather, in car following the Steye road in the village of Kirchberg. Special equipment may be necessary in winter depending on the weather conditions (snow tires or chains). It takes about 1 hour to walk from the village. Fishing is possible - fishing permit for sale at the Renault Garage in the village (+333 89 82 02 27)
From the lake there are many possible walking routes to Lochberg farm inn (+333 89 82 07 88 closed in winter) and to Bruckenwald farm inn (+333 89 38 87 50 closed in winter). “Sommerseite” chalet is a 45 min walk from the lake's carpark.
Information: +333 89 82 41 99