The Neuweiher lakes

The Neuweiher lakes, an exceptional site for ramblers!

The 2 Neuweihers, neighbouring lakes of equal size, are the result of the hollowing out by glacier erosion. Separated by a dam, the first is 4 hectares and the second is 1hectare.
Reconstructed in 1858 by raising dykes to meet the needs of the metal industry, they took the name of "new lakes" in Germanic (neu: new, weiher: lake). Their industrial purpose continued until 1928.

Today the Doller valley is famous for these lakes with many trekkers visiting them each year. They may only be reached on foot, which makes this place all the more marvellous. Ideal for fishing, you can spend one or several nights at the Refuge du Neuweiher hostel in bedrooms or dormitories.

Practical information

The lake is accessible all year round depending on the weather, by taking one of the trekking paths from Oberbruck village (1 hour walk from the carpark beside the Stadium) or from the village of Rimbach-près-Masevaux (1 hour from Ermensbach carpark)
You can take a walk by the Neuweiher lakes and Perches lake - 4 hours 40 mins

In the lakes of the Doller valley, bathing is at the individual's own risk (non-supervised bathing)

Information: +333 89 82 41 99
Refuge du Neuweiher (Hostel): +333 89 82 02 09 (open from April to late November - closed on Wednesdays except July and August)