The Perches lake

One of the highest lakes in the mountain range, at more than 1000m altitude!

The Perches lake, also called Sternsee, is nestled in an old glacial cirque at 1000 metres altitude, the result of volcanic activity.
The name of Lac des Perches owes nothing to the fish of the same name, but arises from a clumsy rendition of Lac des Bers, the name of a large stubble-field located nearby.
Its legend: a young boy drowned in the lake while trying to catch a shooting star that had fallen into its waters. That is why the people of Alsace call it Sternsee (lake of the stars).
The lake features a phenomenon of intense sparkling associated with the cleanliness of its waters and reflecting its granite bottom.
There is no easy way to reach this lake, which is at least a 2 hour 40 min walk! You can only get there on foot, but the sight of the lake when you arrive is worth it.
Fishermen love to climb up here to enjoy some moments of peace and tranquility.

Practical information

The lake is accessible all year round depending on the weather, and only by foot, leaving from Rimbach (1 hour walk from carpark opposite the church, quite steep 40 min climb after Riesenwald farm) or by passing the Neuweiher lakes (2hours walk). Bathing is at one's own risk (non-supervised bathing)

Information: +333 89 82 41 99