Ranspach botanical route

A path to discover the richness of our flora

This 2 km long botanical route overlooks the village of Ranspach. A great variety of bushes and trees particular to this mountain range can be seen along the route, explanatory panels give their names and main characteristics. Another interesting aspect of the botanical route is the superb view it offers over a part of Saint-Amarin Valley, and especially over Wesserling Park!
From the church square, follow the holly leaf, emblem of Club Vosgien, along the bottom of the valley to the former Deiss factory, the starting point of the route. The path borders old pastureland and rises over the village of Ranspach to a low altitude. After one kilometre, it arrives perpendicularly at the Valley and reveals a beautiful view over Wesserling Park towards Malakoff rock. All along the route, panels provide the names and describe the characteristics of some of the trees and bushes specific to the Vosges region. Common species can sometimes assume unusual shapes, with their appealing and extremely twisted trunks and branches. You can imagine them in winter, bare, with no leaves, enveloped in mist, their tortured branches reaching towards the sky in a silent and passionate supplication. Return to Ranspach church square by following the lower Herrenwald path along the railway track. Well signposted.

Practical information

Accessible all year round
Duration: 2 hours
Distance to cover: 2.5 km
Altitude difference: 100 m
Circuit starts from Ranspach church square

Information: +333 89 82 13 90


Free entry