Route Joffre

Strategic route in 1914-18, it has linked the two valleys ever since.

This winding route was set up during the 1914-18 war to provide access to Thann, a town liberated from the German empire since 1914. During the winter of '44/45, it resumed its strategic role, allowing French troops to liberate Thann from under the yoke of the German army. In the Hundsrück district, the monument to the 1st Shock Battalion (Bataillon de Choc) pays tribute to the men who, in November 1944, waged battle on the mountain slopes and freed the town of Bourbach-le-Haut.
Currently, this peaceful 15km tourist route links Thann to Masevaux and many walking routes branch out from here.
It passes through the village of Bourbach-le-Haut and the hamlet of Houppach, joined to Masevaux.

Practical information

Route accessible from Bitschwiller and Masevaux. Be careful, the route is closed from late November to early April (due to snow cover)
At the summit Col du Hundsrück, you can eat at Auberge de la Fourmi +333 89 38 86 02 and there are many starting points for walks.

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