The Sewen lake

The only glacial lake in Alsace valley, it has been listed as a Grand Site National (great national site) since 1982.

According to geologists, this lake is one of the best preserved and rarest lakes produced by glacial overdeepening in the Vosges mountains.
Submerged in peat, the lake now extends 6 hectares compared to more than 30 hectares at the end of the 14th century.
The flora and fauna are protected, while the introduction of beavers and carnivorous plants, such as the drosera, has transformed this area into a place of study for botanists and zoologists.

According to legend, Sewen lake is haunted and bottomless. The story goes that once upon a time, one Sunday in summer, a farmer, instead of attending mass, went onto his meadow to harvest the hay. In the evening a violent storm broke out, lightning struck and the ground opened up, swallowing up the farmer, his horse and cart.

Practical information

The lake is accessible by foot all year round depending on the weather. From the village of Sewen (carpark in front of the church) follow the signs in the direction of the Ballon d'Alsace. You can completely circle the lake, around which there are benches on which to take a little break and admire the reflection of the village church on the waters of the lake. The luckiest and more discrete visitors may see a beaver. You can sometimes see will-o-the-wisps lit up during hot and humid weather on the peaty banks.

Fishing is possible (permits on sale at the Hôtel des Vosges in Sewen +333 89 82 00 43).

The peatland is a protected area with a very marshy bottom.

Information: +333 89 82 41 99


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