The waterfalls

Waterfalls to discover in the middle of the Vosges mountains.

Most have been adapted for visitors in some way and are visible along the paths. The waterfalls are also an opportunity to observe a very special living environment, where the humidity produces a cooling sensation very much appreciated by ramblers in the summer.
You will find waterfalls around the towns of Moosch, Kruth, Ranspach, Sewen, Storckensohn and Wildenstein.

Practical information

It is important to wear suitable hiking shoes.
Beware of frozen ground that can be slippery in the winter and during rainy periods.

  • Rossbergrunz waterfall in Moosch: 1km walk that takes 45 min from behind the campsite
  • St Nicolas waterfall in Kruth: 2km walk that takes 1 hour from behind the carpark of the chapel with the same name, along the Col d'Oderen road follow the blue circle signs
  •  Bockloch waterfall at Kruth : next to the Kruth-Wildenstein Lake
  • Brusher waterfall at Ranspach: 1½ hour walk - leave from the church square and follow the red circle signs
  • Wasserfall waterfall at Sewen: 40 min walk from the Lac d'Alfeld dame (very steep climb), following the red cross signs
  • Seebach waterfall at Sewen: 45 min - leave from the church square, following the blue rectangle signs
  • Gazon Vert waterfall at Storckensohn: 4km - 45 min, leave from the town hall square
  • Heidenbad waterfall at Wildenstein: 3km - 1 to 1½ hour walk- leave from the carpark close to the pools, 500m uphill from the village


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