In Switzerland

Discover neighbouring Switzerland less than an hour's drive away by car.

The entrance door to Switzerland from Alsace, Bâle (Basel) is a town of art and history where you can explore its many museums (Fondation Beyeler and the Kunsthalle, among others), the historic town centre with its cathedral, town hall, art shops, market, the zoo and botanical garden. Highpoints of the year are the Bâle carnival, the Christmas atmosphere and the fireworks over the Rhine, which punctuate a season of trade shows and fairs (for clocks, watches and art) upon which its reputation has been built. And don't miss out on a visit of Bâle by boat or a cruise along the Rhine to Neuhasen falls!
If you like history, "Augusta Raurica" at Augst will plunge you back in time to the Roman era.
To the South-West of Bâle, take a walk in the Swiss Jura or discover the town of Zurich by going East.


Useful to know:

  • The Euro is accepted in many of the places to visit, but the official currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF).
  • The Swiss have 4 official languages: German, Italian, Romand (French) and Romanche (spoken by less than 1% of Swiss). From Bâle to Zurich and as far down as Berne, German is the spoken language.
  • You need a road tax disk to travel on the motorways: we recommend you take the A35 at the border checkpoint (40 CHF or €33); for 1 car pulling a caravan, the driver must purchase 2 disks and put one on each vehicle before joining the motorways.
  • Do not forget to take a piece of ID with you in case you are checked, as well as for your pets who must be vaccinated against rabies (verifiable in their care booklet), chipped and bearing a European animal passport.